David Saganelidze

CEO of the Partnership Fund Chief Executive Officer

Dr. David Saganelidze was appointed the CEO of the Partnership Fund in September, 2015. Before joining the Fund, Dr. Saganelidze was a leader of the Parliament majority representing the Georgian Dream Coalition, the country’s ruling party since ... More

Natia Turnava

Deputy CEO

Before joining the Partnership Fund in 2013, Ms. Turnava has over 15 years of top executive management experience in private and public sectors. She was also a management board member of the largest Georgian private industrial group (GIG) and CEO of... More

George Tsimakuridze

Chief Financial Officer

Mr Tsimakuridze is taking a position of CFO since July 2011. He also serves as board member of Georgian Oil & Gas Corporation. Before joining PF he was taking various senior positions in Georgian Railway and its subsidiaries. He holds several execut... More

David Kereselidze

Head of Administration

Mr. Kereslidze joined Partnership Fund in 2012 initially as a General Counsel to Executive Director and later on changed his position to Head of Administration. Prior to joining PF Mr. Kereselidze occupied high managerial positions in Georgian public... More

Vakhtang Kuprava

Head of Public Relations and Protocol Department

Prior to joining Partnership Fund as Head of PR and Protocol, Mr. Kuprava served as Head of Press Office of the Prime Minister of Georgia (2011- 2012). Before, he was a producer for Georgian TV company Rustavi2 – The New Channel. Mr. Kuprava did advi... More

Gogi Kontridze

Head of Audit

Mr. Gogi Kontridze joined Partnership Fund as the Head of Audit Service in November of 2012. Before joining PF, he held leading positions in the Georgian banking industry for nineteen years in the areas of financial management, budgeting and bra... More

Vakhtang Jorbenadze

Chief Legal Officer

Mr. Vakhtang Jorbenadze’s professional experience in the field of law covers both public and privet sectors. During his career he has been working as a Head of Legal Departments in the ministries of Finance, Economy and Defence. His private sector ex... More