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Meeting with the heads of Business Association member companies

Posted on: 30 Sep 2013

Irakli Kovzanadze, Executive Director of the Partnership Fund (PF) met with representatives of the Business Association of Georgia, the country’s largest business union. With the help of the presentation made by Mr. Kovzanadze, the country’s leading entrepreneurs got familiar with the PF’s mandate, opportunities as well as completed and ongoing projects."For me this format is of big importance as the Association is an organization which actually unites all business companies playing a major role in developing the country’s economy. I think, our joint efforts, will bring rather optimistic results. What’s most important and makes me glad is that during the past several months, we have witnessed some success stories of fruitful cooperation between the government and the private sectors. I’ m convinced that there will be more such examples,” Mr. Kovzanadze noted in his welcome comments. Businessmen showed special interest in the Partnership Fund’s approach towards the business sector, such as the PF’s participation in the investment projects, providing those projects with long-term capital or subordinated loans, fulfillment of the projects and withdrawal from them. Giorgi Tchirakadze, president of Business Association of Georgia noted that such approach from the state is very positive message for the business community. "I’m very glad to see the state declaring that it is distancing itself from the business and just involves at the minimum level – to help create tools to support the business. The PF’s work is a good example of this,” Mr. Tchirakadze said. "Today, our task is to address the lack of stable long-term capital in the country and share risks with investors. This is the main issue, which the business sector is interested in here, in Georgia,” Kovzanadze said.