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Partnership Fund at Ambassadorial

Posted on: 03 Sep 2013

Irakli Kovzanadze, Executive Director of the Partnership Fund (PF) made a presentation about ongoing investment projects for the Georgian ambassadors participating in Tbilisi’s Ambassadorial, an annual event organizing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. In his presentation he spoke also about the PF’s mandate and focus. Participants discussed possible involvement of the Ambassadors in helping boost investment in Georgia."Georgia needs more investments. The PF’s main task is to address the lack of stable long-term capital in the country and share risks with investors,” Mr. Kovzanadze said while speaking with the ambassadors. He also mentioned that the PF’s opportunity to actually play a role as a guarantor and share the risk with investors, is a good position for the ambassadors when they talk with businessmen interested to invest in Georgia."Considering your job, you have very unique private contacts, you know the country where you serve very well, including information on economic developments, " Mr. Kovzanadze said, underlying that the PF is the only fund in Georgia which offers capital to investors. "This is of big importance for any investor. It should also be noted that the PF’s task is to withdraw from the completed projects and provide assistance in selecting a proper partner,” Mr. Kovzanadze said.